What is cocaine?

What is cocaine?

It is a white, fine crystalline powder (something resembling pure snow), obtained by extraction from the leaves of the plant Eryhoxylum coca or simply from the leaves of the coca. Coca leaves are the most ancient powerful stimulant of the psyche known to mankind.Cocaine

From the leaves of coca, which are processed with kerosene and rubbed, it turns out paste. When you add hydrochloric acid to this paste, you get salt – cocaine hydrochloride (cocaine HCL). This salt is also sold on the streets.

Cocaine salt easily dissolves in water, so drug addicts not only sniff it, but, with increasing dependence, inject a syringe into the veins or just eat.

However, since the inhalation of cocaine through the mucous membrane of the nose, comes quite strongly pronounced specific intoxication, it is the inhalation of  nose (sometimes just from the back surface of the palm, sometimes with the help of the most refined tubes, rolled into a tube of banknotes, etc.). remains the most popular way of taking

We want to note immediately that unlike the inhalation of heroin, this method of taking  does not exclude either fatal overdoses or specific psychoses associated with delusions of persecution and aggression.

Just like in the case of heroin, various impurities most often contaminate the  salt. Traders often add cocaine to various sugars (lactose, mannitol). Very often, local anesthetic drugs like lidocaine are added. The addition of such medicines allows customers to feel the numbness or frost of the mucosa, which, thanks to the legends of drug dealers, many drug addicts consider to be the action of “pure cocaine.

Add to the powder cheaper stimulants such as caffeine or the same amphetamines, add luminal and other tranquilizers.

The American police reports that the pure cocaine salt in powders that can be removed on the streets of America, contains between 10 and 40%. Moreover, the powder containing 40% of  can be removed only in rich areas – mainly in the places of residence of the sports and artistic elite. In the streets of poor and medium–sized areas, the content of  in the powder sold is never more than 10%.